XYZ - a prototype for a proposed Voter PAC for Chapel Hill, NC


XYZ is a group of citizens who believe that Chapel Hill can and should do better.  We feel that the current Town Council has mishandled our tax dollars throuh its questionable management of budgets and contracts, and that it has failed to provide proper leadership to guide decisions regarding the Town's growth and development.



XYZ's platform
Endorsed candidates:
Reasons for our endorsements
All candidates: Mayoral candidates
Town Council candidates
School Board candidates
Newsletters: July-August, 2015
May 2015
March-April 2015
January-February 2015
Dissatisfaction: Chapel Hill Citizen Dissatisfaction with Growth and Town Leaders
Development stories: Central West
The Edge
Elliott Road (in Village Plaza section of Ephesus-Fordham)
Obey Creek
Issues: Parking issue
Issues with proposed apartment complex on Legion Road property
Flooding in Briarcliff and Colony Woods
Chapel Hill issues and why solutions have been elusive
Light Rail is a waste of money
Chapel Hill/Carrboro School Issues
Background material: Impact fees
Stormwater Impact fees in Chapel Hill ruled illegal
3 videos:  "Myths that shape economic development activity"
Review of the book "Better Not Bigger - How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community" by Eben Fodor 1999
UK News story:  Flooding tied to overdevelopment
China story:  Building on soft soil sinks Shanghai


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