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(Jan 1, 2017 Chapel Hill News online edition) DOLRT, the 'Giant Vacuum Cleaner' -Ken Larsen

(Jan 4, 2017 Chapel Hill News print edition) DOLRT, the 'Giant Vacuum Cleaner' -Ken Larsen

Light Rail is a waste of money

My summary of Light Rail portion of Dec 5th BOCC meeting

My 3 minute speech at BOCC meeting

Problems with "at grade" crossings on a light rail line

Why people continue to support the DOLRT light rail project

Traffic Issue on Farrington Road

Village Plaza plans


I won't be voting for anyone who supports DOLRT (Durham-Orange County Light Rail project).  I advise my friends to do likewise.  DOLRT just throws away taxpayer money.  That needs to stop.


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Durham/Chapel Hill Backgammon Club

Larsen-Silliman Ranking of U.S. Backgammon Players

Comparison of various rating systems for backgammon

Chapel Hill Politics

Chapel Hill/Carrboro School Issues



Gym exercises/Weight training



Khan Academy   (Great replacement for classroom education!)


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