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Except for some side effects of radiation I underwent in 2015, I don't have any health issues.  I'm not on any meds, and I don't have any ailments ... no knee, hip issues, or blood pressure issues like many people my age.  I measured my blood pressure at 8 AM on May 9, 2019 as being 100/57 with a heart rate of 66.


I workout with light weights at the gym 3-4 times week.  Almost half are abdominal exercises.  I've been a regular gym member since 1987.


I run twice a week.  in recent years I've reduced my running to just 4 miles/week, but I've increased its intensity.  Half of it is now sprinting ... to help me train for a weekly summer track meet that I particulate in.  I began a regular running regimen in 1978.


Health issues that I've had:

The 2015 radiation left me with reduced saliva.  This makes eating regular food time consuming and annoying.  I used to eat 3 or 4 slices of pizza at a pizza-fest.  Now it takes me close to an hour to eat just one slice.  To cope, I consume lots of smoothies.  My favorite "restaurant" has become Smoothie King.  I don't have to do any chewing.


I used to like spicy food like Mexican burritos.  I still like them, but they now make me cough and my nose run.  I can only eat a quarter of one at a single sitting.  That's not fun. 


Dairy products also make me cough.


I think people who have had oral radiation should avoid spicy food and dairy products.


Dental cleaning regimen

An oral camera that I bought in May 2018

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT)


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