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Orange Politics is a Democratic political action group in Orange County, North Carolina.  There is a lot of sniping between it and another Democratic political group called CHALT.  How do they differ?  I asked that question of a few of the CHALT people, and here are the responses I got:


Both groups support the rural buffer in Orange County.  I agree with that.


Orange Politics is:

  1. Pro-density. 

  2. They support tall buildings.

  3. Are against cars.

  4. Are against parking lots.  They want them minimized.

  5. Are against single family residences.  If they had their druthers, we'd all be living in skyscraper-like condos.

  6. They strongly support the Durham-Orange light rail project and other forms of public transportation ... regardless of the cost.  [my assessment of DOLRT]

  7. They're pro-growth.


In my opinion, such stances are not practical or sustainable.  I could not survive in a densely packed town or city where I was dissuaded from having a car and had to depend on public transportation.  I regularly play golf in Hillsborough, go swing dancing in Carrboro or the Murphey School, go grocery shopping, and visit friends in Raleigh.  If I had to depend on public transportation for all these trips, that would be a nightmare for me.


The philosophy of Orange Politics is consistent with the goals of developers.  I suspect that that is who funds them.  UNC also aligns themselves with some of their philosophy ... like not providing ample parking.  In my opinion, the only people who would feel comfortable with Orange Politics' vision are people who live in a nursing home.  They don't need cars.  They don't venture away from their residence.  On the other hand, if you're active and don't live in a nursing home, I don't see how you could endorse the vision of Orange Politics.



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