Ken Larsen's assessment of the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project (DOLRT)  


Overview:  At first glance, the DOLRT appears to be a great transit project which our growing community desperately needs.  Triangle traffic has been growing steadily worse over the past few decades.  DOLRT seems like a solution; however, close inspection reveals many serious design and funding flaws.  Because of these flaws, DOLRT should be scuttled.  Take our losses and walk away.  Don't waste any more taxpayer money.


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FINAL VOTE April 27, 2017 BOCC votes 5-2 to approve DOLRT - Disgusting!
    Latest news (July 28, 2017) FTA approves entry into engineering phase; federal money not certain
"Makes no sense to me" July 24, 2016 Chapel Hill News
"DOLRT, the Giant Vacuum Cleaner"  January 4, 2017 Chapel Hill News  <==Read this if you only have a few minutes to spare.
Feb 13, 2017 WCHL Commentator's piece on DOLRT  [text version]
March 1, 2017 WCHL Commentator's piece on At-Grade crossings on DOLRT [text version]
"DOLRT Predictions" - my letter to Chapel Hill News - published March 7, 2017  
Ken's speech at March 7, 2017 BOCC meeting - on at-grade crossings (traffic and safety implications)
Ken's March 15, 2017 email to Orange County Commissioners
Ken's March 17, 2017 Facebook comment in response to to a Chapel Hill News DOLRT letter
Ken's speech at April 4, 2017 BOCC meeting - the probability of DOLRT success
Ken's response to an April 14, 2017 opinion column by GoTriangle's Jeff Mann
Ken's Facebook post of April 17, 2017
Ken's speech at April 18, 2017 BOCC meeting - summary of public speeches from previous BOCC meetings
Ken's speech at April 24, 2017 Chapel Hill Town Council meeting - Yellow golf balls matter + Whack-A-Mole game
DOLRT myths vs Facts
December 5, 2016 BOCC meeting - Orange County Commissioners voted 5-2 to continue supporting the DOLRT.
January 24, 2017 BOCC meeting discussion on DOLRT
March 7, 2017 BOCC public input on DOLRT
April 4, 2017 BOCC public input on DOLRT

April 18, 2017 BOCC public input on DOLRT
April 24, 2017 Chapel Hill Town Council meeting - DOLRT
April 27, 2017 BOCC discussion and final vote on DOLRT
DOLRT map that can be zoomed in on
DOLRT Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility (ROMF)
Flood map
DOLRT + Commuter Rail
DOLRT con job
DOLRT information
Affordable Transit for all web page
GoTriangle DOLRT misinformation
March 21, 2017 GoTriangle DOLRT propaganda video

"Don't count your TOD chickens before they hatch" - June 2, 2017 N&O Opinion piece by Tony Blake
"Light Rail, Big Budgets and Social Justice" March 10, 2017 N&O opinion piece by Prof Eric Ghysels of UNC and Prof Robert Healy of Duke
"Can Orange County afford light rail?" April 14, 2017 N&O opinion piece by Bonnie Hauser
"Trump's proposed budget could derail Durham-Orange light rail plan"  Chapel Hill News March 17, 2017
"Hawaii Struggles to Keep Rail Project From Becoming a Boondoggle" - NY Times March 20, 2016
"A Silicon Valley Train Gets Stuck" March 13, 2017 New York Times
"Ten Reasons Portland Transit is not a Model for Other Cities" - October 6, 2014
"Car and Transit Futures in Nashville" -Malcolm Getz, June 29, 2017
+ Reasons why people support DOLRT
Analysis of opponents vs proponents
Sally Greene's opinions about DOLRT
Tom Farmer touts St. Louis and Minneapolis as shining examples of light rail success
Public transit in Munich
- Issues with DOLRT
Should we build skyscrapers?

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DOLRT financing
FY16 Bus and Rail Investment Plan -sent by GoTriangle to Orange County Manager on December 9, 2016
FTA wants more proof of local money money for DOLRT February 22, 2017 Chapel Hill News
US GDP by Year Compared to Recessions and Events
Hazards of at-grade sections of DOLRT
Video of an at-grade crossing in Denver
Hazard of at-grade crossings to bicyclists
Traffic issue on Farrington Road
Ken's views on how to solve traffic problems
Social justice aspect of DOLRT  
Environmental implications of DOLRT  
Predictions for DOLRT  
Probability of success for DOLRT
Growth and politics in the Triangle area of North Carolina
Marge and the Monorail (from a Simpson's episode)
Video showing the work required to debunk all the lies told by GoTriangle
Video of BRT for North-South corridor in Chapel Hill



"In the world of civic projects, the first budget is really just a down payment.  If people knew the real cost from the start, nothing would ever be approved.  The idea is to get going.  Start digging a hole and make it so big, there’s no alternative to coming up with the money to fill it in."  -former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, talking about cost overruns for the San Francisco Transbay Terminal mega project.

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