Ken Larsen's web site - Political and legal impediments that adversely affect communities


[Disclaimer:  I am not a lawyer, so what this web page says is my personal opinion.  It should not be construed as anything more than that.]


I am a political activist who is interested in making communities as optimal as possible for all the residents.  I define optimal as having a near perfect balance of size, transportation options, affordability, green space, minimal crime, education, etc.  This quasi-utopia is difficult to achieve and difficult to sustain, but we must continually strive to reach homeostasis.



Impediment Explanation  
Irreversibility Once a development is approved, the decision is final and cannot be undone.  You cannot says "oops" and then tear down the buildings and replace them with trees.  
Precedence Per the law of "precedence", if an ugly development is approved, then nearby future ugly developments can be approved much easier because of the law of precedence.  



For our planet to be survive, our laws must be changed.

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