Ken Larsen's web site - Trip to visit my son in Connecticut in October 2016

I visited my son and his family October 20-24, 2016.  They live in East Hartford Connecticut.  It was the first time I saw my grandchild, Autumn.  She was 11 months old.

I told her parents (my son Kevin and his wife Nicole) "When you have a kid who looks this cute, you owe it to the world to have a dozen."
Autumn and me

Home schooling day 1.  Harvard or MIT is only 17 years from now.  Time to buckle down.
Nicole and Autumn
Autumn climbed the stairs for the first time while I was there ... on October 22nd.  I was watching her downstairs while her parents were upstairs.  Autumn crawled over to the stairs and starting climbing them.  I quickly yelled to her parents, and they came over to watch her ascent.  She climbed the stairs four times during my visit.
Rear view of Kevin and Nicole's house.  Note the solar panels.  They rent those.  That's common in East Hartford.
Their backyard has a trampoline.
Me and Kevin's two dogs (Chewy and Elvis).

On one of the days I caught Elvis resting on my bed ... the bed in the guest bedroom.  My son responded, "That's his bed when we don't have guests."
Me with Chewy.
Kevin on the second tee of the 9 hole disc golf course in Center Springs Park, 39 Lodge Drive in the town of Manchester.  The second hole was 288 feet long and a par 3.  All the holes were par 3s.  The longest was 646 feet.

Kevin beat me 33 to 59 over holes 2-9.  We skipped hole 1, because it was over a ravine. 

It was my first ever effort at disc golf.  I was terrible.  Everything I threw didn't travel far and had a huge curve.
Beautiful scenery.  Basket for hole 2 is in the distance. 
Hole 9 is the grassy area. 

Beautiful view.

Kevin, Autumn, and I at the Hartford American Backgammon Tour (ABT) tournament on October 22nd.  We made a cameo appearance on this day.  We played in the opening day pre-tournament tournament.  My son and I finished tied for 3rd in the 14 player field.  Marty Storer (currently ranked #21 in the world) and Ed O'Laughlin (ranked # 21 in the world in 2011) finished 1-2. I beat world class player and backgammon author Mary Hickey, but lost to Marty.  Kevin lost to Ed.
Nicole and I with Autumn in a bike attachment ["PeaPod" by Giant] that I bought as a gift for Autumn's upcoming 1st birthday (November 12th).  It doubles as a stroller.  I bought it at a local bike shop.  It'll keep Autumn nice and warm during winter strolls or bike rides.  It's suitable for children who weigh up to 50 pounds ... which might be kindergarten. 
Me pushing the PeaPod in one of the area's many parks.
Me with Nicole, Autumn, and Nicole's parents (Tom and Carolyn).
May 30, 2017

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