Ken Larsen's web site - My stock picks for 2016


If I had more cash, these are the stocks/ETFs I'd buy in 2016 if I could get them at the prices listed:


Symbol Price to buy at


AAPL $ 96 Apple - I used to work for Tim Cook.  Don't bet against him. Technology
AA $ 6.50 Alcoa Aluminum aluminum
ABX $ 7.50 Barrick Gold gold
AUY $ 1.40 Yamana Gold gold
COP $ 34.00 Conoco Phillips oil
FCX $ 3.70 Freeport McMoran oil, gas, mining
FXI $ 30.00 (ETF) China ETF of large cap stocks. China
GRMN $ 32.00 Garmin - has zero debt Technology
GPRO $ 10.00 GoPro - has zero debt Technology
IEO $ 44.00 (ETF) U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration + Production Oil
IYM $ 61.00 (ETF) U.S. Basic materials basic materials
IXC $ 25.00 (ETF) S&P Global energy sector Energy
MRO $ 8.00 Marathon Oil oil
TAN $ 23.00 (ETF) Solar ETF solar


All are well below their highs, but they're above their recent lows.  If you can get them at the prices shown, buy.    


The start of 2016 has shown that we're in a bear market.  Bear markets are great buying opportunities.                    


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