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In November of 2018 I bought a digital pH meter to help me understand whether water in my community (Chapel Hill, NC) is acidic or alkaline ... and by how much.


Here's what I've learned thus far:


Source pH Type Last taken Comments
Tap water from OWASA 8.47 Alkaline November 18, 2018  
Water from Booker Creek 6.80 neutral November 18, 2018  
Rain water 5.37 acid November 24, 2018 It rained heavily today.  The rain was acidic, but not low enough to be characterized as "acid rain".  The U.S. EPA says that 5.6 is normal.  See their chart, below. 
Snow 4.55 acid December 10, 2018 4" of snow fell on my property.





The digital pH meter cost me $ 12 from Amazon.


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