Ken Larsen's Endorsements for 2017 Chapel Hill election


Endorsements for 2017 Chapel Hill election




Office Candidate(s) who I endorse  
Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger (incumbent)   
Chapel Hill Town Council Allen Buansi
Hongbin Gu
Ed Harrison (incumbent)
Rachel Schaevitz
Click on a name to see why I endorse Allen, Hongbin, Ed, and Rachel.
Carrboro/Chapel Hill School Board Joal Broun (incumbent)
Amy Fowler
Kim Talikoff
Mary Ann Wolf


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People who I will NOT be voting for


Office Candidate Reason
Chapel Hill Mayor Eugene Farrar Eugene is running as a write-in candidate [It would have cost him only $ 5.00 to register.] + Pam Hemminger has done an excellent job as Mayor.
Chapel Hill Town Council Karen Stegman On the positive side, Karen has demonstrated leadership skills as a parent leader at Ephesus Elementary school and as a director of business development for a non-profit.

On the downside, she's endorsed by former Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, Lee Storrow, Maria Palmer, and Sally Greene.  Sally is Karen's campaign manager.  All of those people were on the Town Council and voted in favor of Ephesus-Fordham, Obey Creek, and Form Based code ... three projects which I give a huge thumbs down to.  I fear that Karen will be a clone of them.  That would be bad for Chapel Hill ...more traffic and flooding woes would follow.  All are pro-development.  Kleinschmidt is now an attorney who works for a developer.  At a candidate forum on October 5th, Kleinschmidt heckled candidate Rachel Schaevitz.  [details]  That was low class!

My suspicions about Karen being pro-growth were reaffirmed when I listened to a CHALT interview of her.  It showed her to lack knowledge about Town issues, and she does not have good strategies for dealing with them.  For example, she's not aware of the details of Form Based Code (FBC), and she thinks that the money from the Berkshire Building on Elliott Road is paying for Ephesus-Fordham road and walkway improvements.  In reality, the Town borrowed $ 10M and mortgaged Town Hall to pay for those improvements.  The Town helped subsidize the projects of developers.  In return, the Town got no affordable housing and more traffic woes.

To address the increasing traffic problem, Karen said we need more bikeways, and we need to do a better job of connecting those bikeways.  [I agree with that!]  When asked how that would be paid for, she said that we need more economic development.  In her mind, the more we build, the more money becomes available to pay for bikeways, parks, etc.  Well, that's what developers want us all to believe, and she is believing it.  That's why I regard her as a minion of the Urban Growth Machine.  She does not get my vote.
Maria Palmer (incumbent)
Maria also is a minion of developers.  She is a proponent of DOLRT + in 2014 voted for Ephesus-Fordham, Obey Creek, FBC, and sale of 8 acres of Town land to DHIC for $ 100

Click here for a detailed explanation for why I will NOT vote for Maria Palmer.
Carl Schuler Gave weak answers at two candidate forums that I attended.  He also tends to be wordy and soft spoken + he expressed approval for DOLRT.
Carrboro/Chapel Hill School Board Calvin Deutschbein At a September 27, 2017 candidates forum, Calvin declared that the top three priorities for schools are "equity, equity, and equity".  At that same forum, he coined the term "equity gap".  In my opinion, focusing exclusively on racial equity will not close the achievement gap to any significant degree.  I gave details in this 2016 opinion piece.


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