Ken Larsen's Endorsements for 2018 Orange County election


Ken's advice:


Office Vote for Vote against Reason
Congress - NC District 4 Richard Watkins David Price [details]
BoCC at-large seat Brian Crawford Sally Greene Sally Greene is a former Chapel Hill Town Council member who voted "yes" in support of Form Based Code (FBC), Ephesus-Fordham, and Obey Creek.  I regard all three of those votes to have been huge blunders which benefit developers.  She's also staunchly pro-DOLRT (light rail) which I regard another huge blunder.  Say "no" to Sally Greene.
BoCC District 1

Jamezetta Bedford

BoCC District 2 Earl McKee   Voted against light rail.


BoCC =Board of Orange County Commissioners  


The BoCC:

  1. Funds both school districts.

  2. Control all the zoning in the rural areas.

  3. Oversees social services, senior centers, and recycling.


The critical election is the primary on May 8, 2018.  We're a heavily Democratic County, and the primary is the Democrat vs Democrat battle.  It decides the winner ... not the November election.


List of people who have filed for various offices


Results of 2014 election

Results of 2010 election


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