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I won't own a dog, nor will I allow dogs in my house.


Back on May 25, 1983 my then wife and I moved into our first house.  It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but our joy quickly descended into a huge crying fit by my wife.  We walked into the family room and it smelled to high heaven.  The previous owners owned two dogs.  They apparently spent lots of time in the family room.  The carpet was heavily stained, and it reaked.  The bottom rear of the utility room door had gore marks - from repeated scratching by the dogs.


We hired someone to clean the carpet.   The carpet cleaner called us over to see the dirty water that he was about to dump out in our back yard.  It was loaded with dead fleas.  That led to another crying fit by my wife.


A few years after my wife left (1986), I replaced the family and dining room carpets.  In 2007 I replaced the family room sofa with a nice sofa. A few years ago I replaced the living room carpet, and replaced the sofa and two chairs with upscale sofa and chairs from Ambiente.  I don't want any of this nice stuff to be destroyed by a dog.  Period.


My son and his wife visited me in 2014.  They brought their dog.  I said no to the dog, so they stayed at my ex-wife's house.  I went for a walk with them in Duke Forest.  I held the lease of their dog.  That dog must have peed on every plant in the forest!  That made me more resolute than ever to not allow a dog in my house.



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