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I regularly do contra dancing and swing dancing. 


Contra dancing is a hybrid of line dancing and square dancing.  Like square dancing, a "caller" calls out the moves.  That makes it less intimidating to people who have never danced before.


I belong to the Triangle Country Dancers, a contra dance group, and the Triangle Swing Dance Society.  Both are extremely well organized and precede their dances with a beginner lesson.  Their dances have live bands and are smoke-free and alcohol free.  That appeals to me, because I neither smoke nor drink.



Click here to see a short clip of the December 2, 2017 swing dance at the Murphey School.


The best dance tip I ever received was from a 9 young old girl years ago at a contra dance.  She came up to me and said, "You need to smile."  From that moment on, I stopped being self-conscious and tried to focus on enjoying the music and helping my dance partners also have a good time.  A big thank you to whoever that 9 year old girl was.


A corollary to this tip is "Help put a smile on your dance partner".  Lead her in a way that makes her look good.  Also, be sensitive to her comfort level and physical limitations.  Don't hold her too close or too tightly or move her in a way that might aggravate an injury she may have. 



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