Ken Larsen's website - Equipment to video record a backgammon match

I bought the following equipment to video record a backgammon match:

Tripod Mic Stand with boom (B019NY2PKG from Amazonbasics - $ 18.49) + GoPro Hero 5 camera + GoPro clamp

I position the camera 24 inches above the surface of the board.

Note: The Yi Action 4k camera is deemed to be best according to a February 2019 discussion on the BGonline forum.

Screen shot from a video

[3 minute video excerpt from a 5 point match]

On February 26, 2019 I played a 5 point match in 37 minutes.  Battery life dropped from 100% to 55% during these 37 minutes.  That equates to an overall battery life of 82 minutes.  That's not very long.  I'll have to review my Hero 5 settings to see if I can extend the battery life.  [Tip from Jeb Horton: "You can run the camera off an external battery.  Anything 10000 mAh or larger should be good for a whole day of playing."]

The GoPro stores the video as a series of 12 minute segments ... as a dash camera would do. 

[Phil Simborg video on how to transcribe a match using eXtremeGammon (XG)]

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