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Video recording equipment

In an effort to improve his backgammon skills, our club's Igor Erovenko has begun video recording his matches for subsequent uploading to and analysis by eXtremeGammon.  Here is a picture of his setup and what he has to say about it:

I got mounting hardware from http://snakeclamp.com/

They offer a variety of mounting solutions for smartphones, tablets, and cameras.  The product I got for myself is Tablet Cobra Clamp, http://snakeclamp.com/Category/cobra-clamp-ipad-tablet-ereader-stand-holder-mount

There are different tablet adapters that go with the mount; I ordered three different ones to see which ones work best.  They can accommodate a tablet of almost any size.  I personally used a 7-inch tablet Nexus 7 for Monday recording.  I also own a 10-inch tablet and needed an adapter for the large tablet as well.  If club members are interested in doing their own tablet set up, I can bring all three adapters to the meeting so that they can test which one fits their particular tablet best.  For those who don't have a tablet a smartphone mount might be a good solution.

One potential problem with my particular set up is that it does not extend high enough. If a tablet has a fairly narrow field of view in its front camera, then it might be difficult to see the whole board with the overhead set up. Mine barely fits the board in its field of view. Once again, anyone is welcome to test their tablet on my set up to check if it works for them.

sample video (33 seconds long)

I used the lowest possible resolution for the tablet camera which is 720x480; this allows me to fit more video files on the internal storage, and the quality of the picture is more than adequate for transcription purposes.


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