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Snowie and most modern backgammon books use standard "backgammon notation" to document moves.  This notation denotes the points of a backgammon board as being numbered 1-24 with the bar being point 25 or "bar" and bearing off as "off" or point 0.  The numbers are always from the perspective of the owner of the checkers.  For example, white's 1 point is red's 24 point and vice versa.



Details of backgammon notation are best explained by giving several examples:





Move a checker from point 8 to point 5.


Same as 8/5 except that a blot is hit.  The asterisk (*) denotes the hit.

8/5, 6/5

Move one checker from 8 to 5 and another checker from 6 to 5.  Note:  Snowie omits the comma.


Move two checkers from point 18 to point 15.


Move three checkers from point 18 to point 15.


Move four checkers from point 18 to point 15.


Move a checker from point 24 to 13.  In making this move the blot on 18 is hit.


Move a checker from 20 to 14.  Along the way blots on points 16 and 14 are hit.

6/off or 6/0

Bear off a checker from the 6 point.


Move a checker from the bar to point 22.


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