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Chicago based backgammon instructor and promoter Phil Simborg wrote a couple of great articles on backgammon etiquette back in 1995: 

These are still germane today.  We urge you to read and comply with them.


Additionally, we expect our players to:


  1. Act in a respectful and courteous manner.
  2. Be on time for matches.  Our weekly tournaments begin promptly at 6:00 PM.  If you wish to participate, arrive before then.  If you're there, ensure that any practice games are completed before that time.
  3. Play sufficiently fast that you can finish a 5-point match in 60 minutes and a 3-point match in 35 minutes.  Our venue shuts its doors at 10:30 PM.  If we run beyond that time, we have to finish outdoors ... which is no fun in the winter time.
  4. If you're watching a match, remain silent and impassive.  Don't react to any dice throws, checker moves, or cube actions, as your reaction may tip off the dice thrower to something they may have missed.  That would be grossly unfair to the opponent.  If you see a rules infraction, notify the tournament director.


Alert the tournament director ASAP if you observe any breaches of our etiquette guidelines.  It's important that everyone be civil to each other.  Getting into arguments alienates people and may disturb other patrons at our venue ... who may complain to management and get us thrown out.  That would be a huge loss.


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