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Elo as a Proposed Backgammon Ranking System

I think Elo would be great so long as only live tournament play is considered and players had no choice over whether matches are rated or not.


Example:  On January 5, 2014 I had an online USBGF tournament match where my opponent's Elo was 300 points higher than mine.  In his Gridgammon invite to me he unchecked rating - which meant that the match would not count in the Elo ratings.  That shouldn't be allowed, because that skews the Elo ratings.


Personally, I am very cynical about Elo, because I have three Elo's and they're widely different:



I also believe that records for online play and live play should be kept separately for the following reasons:


  1. There are a lot of distractions in live play (spectators, ambient noise).
  2. In live play there's real money on the line.  That adds to pressure. 
  3. You have to be more alert in live play to ensure that your opponent doesn't make any illegal moves.  This contributes to fatigue.
  4. Live play takes longer (dice falling on the floor, board has to be reset after each game) and therefore is more tiring.
  5. Pip counting is difficult in a live environment.  Online I could use paper and pencil if not have the software do it for me.
  6. Online I could have a MET table posted beside my computer ... along with other tips like how to play various opening or second rolls at various scores.
  7. Online I could have a friend or family member help with decisions.
  8. I could have a second computer with XG on it.



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