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Double Elimination explained


If we have 4 or more attendees at a meeting, our tournaments will be double elimination (DE) format.  The division 1 tournaments will be 5/3/3 DE.  This page explains what that means.


  1. Until you lose your first match you are in the Winner's Bracket, and all matches are 5 points.

  2. Once you lose a match, you drop down to the Loser's Bracket.  All matches in the Loser's Bracket are 3 points.

  3. Winner of the Loser's Bracket plays the winner of the Winner's Bracket in a 3 point match.  If the Loser Bracket winner wins that match, they play another 3-point match and that winner is the tournament winner.

  4. Side pool winner is the winner of the tournament if that person entered the side pool.  Otherwise, it's the runner-up.  If the runner-up also didn't enter, then it's the person who advanced the furthest in the Winner's Bracket.  If there's a tie, it's who among them advanced the furthest in the Loser's Bracket.

  5. See the following pairings sheet for details:


Lower divisions will be played at 3-2-3 double elimination if the tournament director deems that they can't finish by 10 PM.  This most likely will occur if the field has some inexperienced players.


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