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Proposed Backgammon World Ranking System - Data Needed

In order for the Proposed Backgammon World Ranking System to work, tournament directors (TDs) need to provide the following for each main event that they direct:  

  1. Name of the event

  2. Location

  3. Tournament Director

  4. Completion date

  5. Number of entrants plus rebuys

  6. List of the full names of all the entrants.

  7. Next to each name identify the points they won

  8. Next to each name identify the number of rebuys, if any.  The default is none.


Name of event: Open Division  
Location: Florida  
Tournament Director: Neal Weiner  
Completion date: Oct 20, 2013  
Number of entrants: 19 + no rebuys  
Name Points Rebuys
Malcolm Davis 7.6 0
Jeb Horton 3.8 0
Ed O'Laughlin 3.8 0
David Presser 1.9 0
Harry Brown 1.9 0
Rod Covlin 0 0
Bill Davis 0 0
Frank Raposa 0 0
Gregg Cattanach 0 0
Ray Fogerlund 0 0
Lucky Nelson 0 0
Philippe Salnave 0 0
Stacy Turner 0 0
Bob Carpenter 0 0
Mariano Szlaifer 0 0
Stuart Katz 0 0
Neil Kazaross 0 0
Russell Sands 0 0
Marlon Aronstein 0 0

List of Tours and Tour Directors

Tour   Director Comments
ABT American Backgammon Tour Bill Davis

  1. Keeps track of total points but not list of entrants for each event.
  2. Points are only awarded for cashing.
BBT British Backgammon Tour    
CBT Croatian Backgammon Tour contact:  Leonardo Jerkovic The CBT is a collection of annual tournaments that are hosted by local clubs which belong to the Croatian Backgammon Federation (CBGF).

Leonardo has offered to provide information on tournaments held in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Romania, and Czechoslovakia.
EBGT European Backgammon Tour Chiva Tafazzoli Points are awarded to all participants - not just cashed positions.
Japan     "Mochy" Mochizuki has offered to provide information from Japan Open, Osaka Open, Ouisen for 2012-2013 and possibly earlier.
TBT Turkish Backgammon Tour    
WBT Worldwide Backgammon Federation Marco Fornasir

Miscellaneous Suggestions

# Suggestions Suggested by
1 Advanced/intermediate divisions need to be a cheap enough entry fee to deter stronger players.

I wouldn't bother keeping records of advanced/intermediate events. Directors have enough of a job running the open event. Give players the motivation to enter the Open event, to get their name on that list. Let directors decide who shouldn't be allowed to enter advanced events.

I would have one simple rule for events that can count towards the ranking: Only annual events. Eg. All ABT events, Monte Carlo, Danish Open, London Open, all Chiva events, all Marco events. Basically any city in the world can create an annual tournament to be counted towards this ranking system. Weekly/monthly local club events shouldn't count. This would keep it simple, should encourage more events to be created (I know for a fact my local director would be more motivated to re-start the Bristol Open annually if he knew the results would count towards the rankings). If you could get the support from the main directors then the rest will follow. Anyone that doesn't want to support it would be missing out as fewer players would be inclined to attend their events. This would also start to give backgammon directors all around the world the respect and recognition they deserve. You could advertise on your website for each event involved and post them on a calender.

Anyone with the attitude that different events have different players with different playing strengths is missing the point. This isn't an exact science but will be a brilliant estimate of playing standard.
Gaz Tafari of the UK


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