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One of the best decisions that I've made has been planting Emerald Zoysia grass in my front yard.  It's a fantastic grass.  It crowds out weeds and looks fantastic.

I planted it during 1990-1993 ... about 20 square yards each year.  It has been spreading ever since.

Zoysia is a summer grass.  It's green from mid-April to mid-December.  Then, it's brown/dormant from mid-December to mid-April.  It's best planted in early May.  It needs a lot of sunlight and does not grow in shade.


Zoysia does not have a seed.  You have to buy it as sod and transplant it into your yard.  Super-Sod of Cary sells zoysia sod. [details]  Super-Sod sells a pallet (500 square feet) for $ 360 as of February, 2020. 


I bought my sod from a farm east of Fayetteville in the early 1990s.


Once planted, zoysia will slowly spread.  In doing so, it crowds out weeds.


I fertilize it a few times/year.  In March and April I will pull up weeds that pop up in those months ... before the zoysia rebounds from its dormant period.



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