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Reflecting on recent Chapel Hill elections, here's my advice for eligible voters:


1 Register to vote  
2 Study the issues and candidates prior to voting.  1. Create a list of the things you like and dislike about your town.

2. Try to find candidates who you trust to most effectively address the issues you're concerned about.

3. Beware:  Some candidates and sources of "endorsements" may be tainted.  Read my web page on the Urban Growth Machine.

4. It's best to rely on advice from friends you trust.
3 Vote! In most local elections, you'll be able to vote for several people ... like 4 out out 7 for Town Council.  If you have a strong preference for, say, 2 candidates, consider voting for just those two.  In a tight race, your preferences may lose because of votes you cast for the others.  Don't cast a vote for someone based on whim.  Our Town's future is too important.  Some Town elections have been decided by only a few votes. 


Elections for Town Council and School Board occur in odd numbered years (non-Presidential years).  Such elections have had poor turnout ... sometimes under 15%. 


If you don't vote in off-year elections, don't complain about Town issues!



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