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Here's a list of what I value in a prospective girlfriend:      

Here are red flags/deal breakers (ranked in order):

  1. Smoking

  2. Religion/belief in "God"/attending church/belief in prayer [my views on religion]

  3. Lack of a regular exercise program

  4. Intransigence [e.g. someone who tenaciously defends one side of an issue and won't listen to alternatives]

  5. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia

  6. Supporter of Donald Trump

  7. Someone who gets their news exclusively from Fox News and believes that other news media are fake

  8. Prodigal (opposite of frugality)

  9. Alcohol consumption (alcohol is a carcinogen)

  10. Gluttony

  11. Clutter

  12. Belief in astrology

Those in red are super-deal breakers for me.

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