Ken Larsen's web site - My opinion of Donald Trump (post-midterm election of 2018)


The only thing good that I can say about Donald Trump is that he has awaken millions of previously apathetic voters.  If you're apathetic, ignorant, or gullible, your country may end up with an extremely toxic, egomaniacal, prevaricating, dictatorial leader, and then total chaos can result.  Donald Trump is exhibit A.

Trump continually insults highly educated people who disagree with him.  A President of the United States should absolutely not behave like that.  A 3 year old should not behave like that.  [ Video of Trump berating a black female news reporter ]

Trump's aberrant behavior is not new.  Here was my 2016 assessment of him:  Donald Trump is bad for the U.S.


Compilation of shocking things Trump said during his election campaign  (a fast paced 11 minute YouTube video)


We need to have a similar fast paced video that documents all of the insults Trump has levied since he became President.


Trump needs to step down or be removed from office via an impeachment process.  The longer he remains in office, the more turmoil he will cause.


Regarding an impeachment process:  That may be a waste of effort and money.  It also may not be needed.  Trump is currently 72 years old, overweight, and clearly stressed and aged by all the hostile exchanges.  His blood pressure must be as high as his opinion of himself.  Nature may intervene.


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