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April 14, 2017:  During my jog yesterday I stopped and chatted with a neighbor who was retrieving his mail.  He gave me the best explanation for what is going in our Triangle area (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh) of North Carolina.
He said that for years developers have been ravaging the Atlanta suburbs to get them to grow-grow-grow.  They succeeded.  Atlanta and all of its suburbs are now one big massive urban area where traffic is horrendous. 
With Atlanta all built out, the developers have moved their attention to our Triangle area.  They are hell-bent in replicating their “Atlanta success”.   After they are through with our area, they will move on to some other “under populated” area of our country.
For a more detailed explanation of their tactics see these pages on my website:
The mantra of the developers is this paraphrase of Bobby Knight:  “If growth is inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.”

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