Ken Larsen's website - Rush hour traffic on I-40 near RTP, NC has become unbearable

November 20, 2018:  Interstate 40 near Research Triangle Park, NC turned into a near parking park.  Traffic was so heavy and so slow that I was traveling at just 8 mph in some sections ... despite no visible sign of an accident. 

Here is a dashcam video that starts at 7:06 PM EST on Tuesday November 20, 2018.  This is two days before Thanksgiving. 

This underscores my belief that we have a huge population problem.  [details]

On Tuesday, December 18, 2018 traffic crawled along at 7 MPH on a 3.3 mile segment.  I visited a friend in North Raleigh, and at 5:08 PM I joined I-40 at its intersection with I-540.  It took me 28 minutes and 50 seconds to travel 3.28 miles.  That equates to an average speed of 6.8 MPH.  [video of me leaving Route 540 and joining I-40 westbound]  Friends have told me that this is normal for rush hour traffic along I-40 from Raleigh almost to Chapel Hill.

Fortunately, I'm retired and don't have to battle I-40 traffic on a regular basis.  I used to work for IBM and drove I-40.  Traffic then was never as bad as it is now.

If anyone reading this web page is contemplating moving to Raleigh or working at Research Triangle Park, I would advise them to look elsewhere.  This place has become overdeveloped.

Impact fees should be assessed new development.  [details]


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