Ken Larsen's web site - Stop Sign Violation in Briarcliff neighborhood September 12, 2017


At 2:54 PM EDT on Tuesday September 12, 2017 I caught on dashcam a stop sign violation in my neighborhood.


Here's the video:


The intersection was Grove and Wildwood.  The car was traveling north on Grove and made a left turn onto Wildwood without stopping at the stop sign.  They subsequently appeared to not stop properly at four more stop signs (Belmont and Leclair, Leclair and Longleaf, Longleaf and Willow, and Willow and Spruce).


The offending car's license plate was PBV-8465.  I confirmed this when I caught up to it at the stoplight for 15-501.



The car was also speeding.  On Willow it went from the stop sign at Spuce to a dead stop at the traffic light for 15-501 (375 yards) in just 21 seconds.  That equates to 36.5 mph.  The maxiumum speed would be more, because the car came to a stop.  The speed limit on Willow is 25 mph.


I was driving faster than I normally would in an effort to catch up to the car ... to confirm the license plate [which I quickly read while I was on Wildwood].  Behind me was a police car, but he didn't stop either of us.


I'm aware that police will not issue a traffic ticket unless they themselves personally witness a violation, but I would like police to call the car owner and advise them to properly pause at stop signs ... and also to slow down.


10:20 AM Friday September 15, 2017:   Via phone, I spoke with a police officer about this incident.  It turns out that the police officer I spoke with witnessed the first stop sign violation, but then lost track of the offending vehicle.  [My car was between him and the offending car after it went through the Grove/Wildwood stop sign ... blocking the officer's view.]  I gave the officer the link to this web page.


9:27 AM Saturday September 16, 2017:  I updated the video to include more footage.  It now includes the offending vehicle turning south onto 15-501 and being pursued by the police car that was behind me.  I had forgotten that part when I spoke to the police officer on Friday.


8:00 PM Sunday September 17, 2017:  After reviewing the video again, I noticed that the offending car never used any turn signals.  That's most evident when the car was at the traffic light for 15-501.  Also, at 14:56:05 (2:56:05 PM) I commented that the driver looked like a kid.  The driver was a young white male.


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