Ken Larsen's web site - Stop Sign Violation in Briarcliff neighborhood


At 2:03 PM EDT on June 30, 2016 I caught on dashcam a stop sign violation in my neighborhood.


Here's the video:


The intersection was Willow and Spruce.  The car was traveling east on Willow and made a left turn onto Spruce without stopping at the stop sign.  This is a frequent complaint in our neighborhood:  cars taking a shortcut through our neighborhood and ignoring stop signs.


At 4:28 PM on June 30th I emailed a police officer the link to this web page. 


No ticket was written.  A ticket may be written by a police officer only if they witnessed an infraction in person. 


(July 6, 2016) A police officer called me.  In response to my video, they monitored the intersection of Willow and Spruce this morning and wrote several tickets. 


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