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Here are two videos of me running a 40 yard dash on July 30, 2018:



Here is my analysis:


I ran the 40 yards in 8.62 seconds.  That's very slow!


You'll see eight discs on the ground.  I used a measuring wheel to position them.


Disc color Distance Purpose Flaws that I exhibit
white 0 yards starting line

[Michael Johnson video #1 - Start Stance]

Ideal starting form:

I'm not leaned forward enough.

Left leg should be bent at 90 degrees.  Instead, it's 125 degrees.

Left shin should be 45 degrees to the ground.  Mine is 65 degrees.  I should move my left knee closer to the starting line and getting up on my left toes.

Right leg should be straighter.

Head should be ahead of the starting line.

To begin, I move a little vertically.  Instead, I should move forward.
red 10 yards From 0 to 10 yards is the drive phase. 

[Michael Johnson video #2 - Drive Phase]

Ideal first step (from Michael Johnson video):

I'm standing up way too soon.  I should be leaned over and looking at the ground until this point.

I'm landing on my heels with each stride.  I should be landing on the front part of my feet.
blue  20 yards From 10 to 20 yards is the transition phase. 

[Michael Johnson video #3 - Transition Phase]
I become vertical way before these blue discs ... almost immediately after the starting line.

My arm swing has too much lateral motion.
yellow 40 yards finish line  



Here are two videos of me running a 40 yard dash on August 17, 2018:


I ran eight 40 yard sprints.  This was the last and fastest ... at 8.15 seconds.


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