Ken Larsen's website - 400 meter sprint training philosophies of some coaches


Bryan Guido Hassin (a successful sprinter in the Carolina Godiva Track Club Summer Track series) found the following training philosophies of high school and college track coaches online:


Coach Training philosophy
Clyde Hart (college coach)
Don Helberg (HS coach)

Ron Grigg (college coach)

Drew Roberson (HS coach)

Scott Carhoun (college coach)

Clive Robertson (college coach)


Bryan made these observations about the philosophies:


The approach they all follow is to build up a base of lower intensity volume in the off season and ratchet up speed/intensity (while ratcheting down volume) during the season. The theory is that this develops core "abilities" like aerobic and anaerobic fitness in the off season then fine tunes the "skills" of acceleration and speed during competition season.

Interestingly, there is very little running at 100% in these workouts; 100% is saved for competitions. [Ken:  This is consistent with Dante Freeman's advice, "Don't peak in practice."]

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