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I have Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner Cable) for internet, phone, TV, and DVR.  They provide everything that I need, but they keep raising their rates, and I find this very infuriating.  


In September of 2017 my monthly bill was $ 159.54.  In October of 2017 it was raised to $ 171.66.  In August of 2018 it was raised again to $ 193.12.


On August 27, 2018 I visited their Chapel Hill office to complain and also to cut back a few of my services.  Their response was that they could cut back what I didn't need, but that would cause my bill to go up!!


I'm tempted to switch to AT&T, but I fear that they would eventually do what Spectrum does ... raise my rates.

Here are the features that I have with Spectrum:


Service Features Comments Alternatives
Television Has a remote.
Displays HD channels in HD.
Displays channels beyond 100.
I don't need channels higher than 100.

My TV is located in my family room which is on the first floor.


Can record two different shows at once.
I don't need to record two different shows at once. Tivo
Internet I have an internet speed of 200 mB per second.  Faster options that are available (but more expensive) are 400 mB and 1 gB.
Has a wireless feature which permits other computers at my house to access the internet.
200 mB is adequate for me.
I'd need my current email address ( supported by any service that I migrate to.
My Spectrum modem and my main computer are located in my downstairs bedroom.
Netgear modem
Phone Displays phone number of an incoming call.
Can be muted.
No extra change for calls with the entire U.S.
The phones (2) are ones which I bought.
I have no cell phones nor do I want any.
I would need my current phone number (919-942-8635) supported by any service I migrate to.
Magic Jack



I like all of the Spectrum features.  It's their monthly rate that I don't like.


I absolutely do NOT want a satellite dish.



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