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I have Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner Cable) for internet, phone, TV, and DVR.  They provide everything that I need, but they keep raising their rates.  I find this very infuriating.  


Here are the features that I have with Spectrum:


Service Features Comments Alternatives
Television Has a remote.
Displays HD channels in HD.
Displays channels beyond 100.
I don't need channels higher than 100.

My TV is located in my family room which is on the first floor.


Can record two different shows at once.
I don't need to record two different shows at once. Tivo
Internet I have an internet speed of 200 mB per second.  Faster options that are available (but more expensive) are 400 mB and 1 gB.
Has a wireless feature which permits other computers at my house to access the internet.
200 mB is adequate for me.
I'd need my current email address ( supported by any service that I migrate to.
Netgear modem
Phone Displays phone number of an incoming call.
Can be muted.
No extra charge for calls with the entire U.S.
I have phone service with Spectrum but only to two phones I have at my house ... which I bought elsewhere.  I don't have a SmartPhone. 

I would need my current phone number supported by any service I migrate to.
Magic Jack



I love all of the Spectrum features.  I give them an A+ on that measurement.  I give an A+ to Otis Saunders for customer service. 



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