Ken Larsen's web site - Picture of me at Smoothie King     


After my 2015 bout with tonsil cancer ... which was treated successfully with radiation and chemotherapy ... I began the almost daily ritual of consuming a large smoothie at the Smoothie King at Hope Valley Commons in Durham at intersection of Routes 751 and 54. 


One of the members in my backgammon club told me about Smoothie King.  His daughter had been in a car accident and had to endure 5 weeks of having her jaw wired shut.  Her UNC health care team had recommended Smoothie King as a way of getting nutrition.  My oral radiation treatment left me with a side effect of coughing when I ate certain solid foods.  It's a lot more pleasant and efficient if I consume smoothies.  They taste great, and the Hope Valley Commons staff is always super pleasant. 


On March 14, 2017 a marketing person named Taylor snapped this picture of me and posted on the Smoothie King Facebook site.




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