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I live in the Briarcliff section of Chapel Hill.  I'm fortunate in that I live atop a hill, but some houses are located in low lying areas adjacent to a creek.  Their yards flood periodically.  [details


Developers continually submit development proposals to the Town.  Those which lie near creeks present a threat to downstream low lying areas.  A recent one is the Ram/Days Inn proposal.  [detailsIt directly impacts my neighborhood.


What can be done to mitigate the threat of flooding?  Here are some answers:


  1. UK News story:  Climate change is NOT main cause of floods, say experts: Building on plains and cutting down trees are among the true reasons

  2. Per the UK story, I advocate that we not permit developers to cut down trees or build impervious surface on any 100 year or 500 year flood zones (blue, yellow, and striped areas of a flood map [example]).

  3. The current strategy is to build stormwater retention ponds on new developments.  That's a good idea as those will slow down the release of water.  However, it's imperative that those retention ponds be periodically inspected and dredged as they then to silt in over time.

For more info, see Flood Risk Information System: 


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