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June 25, 2019:  I have a roof leak.  Here are pictures:


Stain caused by a roof leak.  This is in the smallest upstairs bedroom ... on the rear of the house.

This dark area is located three feet to the right of the window edge.
same bedroom; different stain
Section of my roof that is leaking

I suspect that one of the three protrusions is the cause.
This is an attic view of the fan that is the saucer shaped protrusion in the previous picture.  There appears to be no water leak associated with it.
This is an attic view of the middle protrusion of the three shown two pictures ago.  The dark wood suggests water damage, so this may be the culprit. 
This is an attic view of the lowest protrusion of the three shown three pictures ago.  There is no water damage.
Rear of my house

Leaking section of my roof is above the rectangular section that has three windows.

The discolored ceiling area shown in picture #1 is located three feet to the left of the double window shown in this picture.

I don't have a gutter on this part of my roof.  It's too high for me to clean safely.  I removed it about 15 years ago.
front of my house - 807 Emory Drive, Chapel Hill


My roof was last replaced in May of 1996 - 23 years ago by a company run by a guy named Dan Thorpe ... who was recommended by a friend named Lynne.  I have 21 shingles left over from this work.  The cost was $ 3080, and 28 squares of shingles were required.  Per inflation between 1996 and 2019 that equates to a 2019 cost of 1.6325 x $ 3080 = $ 5028.10.


July 15, 2019:  Frank Richards of Baker Roof Company (recommended by neighbor Al Baldwin of 901 Grove Street) comes over to estimate roof repair cost.  He agrees with me that only the roof above the rectangular section needs to be replaced. 


July 25, 2019:  Frank Richards sends me an estimate of $ 4406.64 ... to replace just the rectangular section.  I accept his offer.


August 2, 2019:  I change my mind about the roof.  I decide to have the entire roof replaced.  Per an estimate of Frank Richards, the cost will be $ 10,936 plus an additional $ 1138 if I want a solar power attic vent.  I accept his offer, and Frank will cancel the $ 4406.64 partial replacement contract.  He'll place a tarp over the rectangular section.  Work on the entire roof will begin sometime in September or later ... TBD.


August 12, 2019:  Frank Richards tells me that November might be when my roof work would be done.  A tarp over the leaking rectangular section would be applied some time this week.


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