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Rani Dasi is a black lady who is on the Carrboro-Chapel Hill (NC) School Board.  She was originally elected in 2015 and won re-election in 2019.  In both elections Rani was the top vote getter.

Rani Dasi

Here is an amazing fact about Rani:  Her mom and dad had 10 kids, and all of them either graduated from college or are currently in college! 

How was this extraordinary feat accomplished?

Here is what I've learned thus far:

Rani's mom was a teacher.  Rani was first born.  Rani's mom home-schooled Rani for the first 12 years of her life.  Rani eventually went to and graduated the pretigious Norwestern College in Chicago.

I will add more to this web page as I learn more.  It's a fascinating story, because these days it's hard for parents to get one of their kids into college ... much less 10.  Prime example:  2019 college admissions bribery scandal


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