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Bad news:  This project has been approved.  Per FBC rules passed by the 2014 Town Council, all that was required was for the CDC and the Town Manager to approve it.  The 2017 Town Council had no legal right to challenge.  This disgusts me.  Developers are in charge of Chapel Hill ... not the people or their representatives.


Here is a tree protection barrier I saw on January 26, 2018:



Development has begun.


Here is the history of this project:


May 2017:  A new development proposal has been submitted to the Chapel Hill Town Council for the Days Inn property at the NW corner of Elliott Road and 15-501.  Here are the details.


Ram's application for the Days Inn property:

One concern that I have is that it will be on a 100 year flood zone.  See:





UK News story:  Climate change is NOT main cause of floods, say experts: Building on plains and cutting down trees are among the true reasons


I live in the Briarcliff section of Chapel Hill.  Sections of my neighborhood [although not my house] and nearby Colony Woods have been adversely affected by upstream development.  [details]


For details on the project see


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