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Here are seven reasons why I endorse Rachel Schaevitz for Chapel Hill Town Council in 2017:

  1. She is a born leader.  She chaired a committee to decide how best to go forward with the Legion Road property.  Her sterling performance in that role convinced many people that Rachel should run for Town Council.

  2. She is enormously articulate.  [brief example]  Listen to her forum answers, and she stands out ahead of all the other candidates. 

  3. She has an extraordinary amount of energy.  [To charge her cell phone, I think all she needs to do is hold it in her hand.]

  4. She is hard working. 

  5. She'll think "outside the box".

  6. She solicits feedback from a wide variety of sources before making her decisions.

  7. She is not beholden to special interests such as developers.


Please vote for Rachel Schaevitz for Town Council in the 2017 Chapel Hill election.  I certainly will.


For more information, visit Rachel's website:


-Ken Larsen


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