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Below are a few examples of the propaganda tactics that I found on the website of Fox News ... just within a few days.  Attacks like these are made every single day.  In my youth the only TV networks were NBC, CBS, and ABC.  None of them made attacks such as these on the other stations.  Fox News is a propaganda machine to promote the ultra-right wing agenda.


1 Attack on CNN and NBC.
2 Attack on MSNBC.
3 Attack on two Democratic leaders.
4 Attack on CNN.
5 Attack on Democrats.
6 Attack on Democrats; GOP lauded.
7 Praise for Trump.
8 (February 17, 2018) Attack on liberal media.  Defends guns; defends Trump.  This is just days after the Parkland, Florida school mass murder where a 19 year former student murdered 17 school children with an AR-15 assault rifle.


"Fourteen Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans" (January 2, 2018)



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