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If the human race wishes to survive for any protracted length of time, we should consider handing more governmental decisions over to computers.  Let their artificial intelligence make the decisions.  Human beings are too self-interested and biased.  Special interests (e.g. NRA, the super rich etc.) currently control the U.S.  They're a cancer on our society.  Gullible/apathetic voters make matters far worse.  Our country is going down the sewer because of all the bad decisions.


The 1963 Twilight Zone episode "The Old Man in the Cave" addressed this issue.  It was prescient. [actual episode of The Old Man in the Cave]


At the state level, robots should make district decisions.  That would solve the heinous problem of gerrymandering.


At the local level, urban planning could be better done by computers.  That could avoid flooding and traffic problems.  Rapacious developers throw their money into local elections to buy votes to support candidates who will rubber stamp their projects.  Local elections are held on off-years when voter turnout is very low.  That gives developers even greater influence. 


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