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Prior to October 20, 2013, I was apathetic about Town politics.  I'd vote in every Town election, but prior to an election, I would simply pick up a copy of the Independent and vote for whoever they recommended. That's pretty lame!


On October 20, 2013 I attended a pitch by the Town's Economic Officer Dwight Bassett.  It was all about plans for Ephesus-Fordham redevelopment - which is one mile from my house.  I was shocked by what I heard.  They planned to build 5 story buildings in a flood zone.  They planned to abate traffic congestion, yet at the same time their plans would add over a thousand new residents.  They promised to provide affordable housing.  Yet at the same time they would permit the demolition of Colony Park [which houses many low income families].  Colony Park would be replaced with upscale properties.  No pedestrian bridges would be provided.

Dwight Bassett's pitch motivated me to do research.  I documented my findings in a series of papers. I subsequently moved my findings to this web site.  I joined a team of people (CHALT) who were fighting similar issues across Chapel Hill.  For the first time in my life I had an article published in the local paper.  For the first time in my life, I spoke on the radio.  I was no longer apathetic about Town politics.

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