Ken Larsen's web site - Parents of unsuccessful kids could have these 6 characteristics in common


"Parents of unsuccessful kids could have these 6 characteristics in common" -video on MSN, October 2017


# Characteristic Details
1 They're authoritarian.
  • Authoritarian parents discourage open communication.
  • They make demands without explaining why.
  • One study showed that when these parents checked their children's homework, it inhibited their child's performance.
2 They let their kids watch TV when they're really young.
  • Researchers said children who watched more TV were less likely to participate in class and had lower math scores.
3 They yell at their kids a lot.
  • Shouting, cursing, and insults can have the same negative impact as physical discipline.
4 They're helicopter parents.
  • Overcontroling parents have been linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression in children. 
  • Researchers found these children were less open to new ideas and more self-conscious.
5 They are emotionally distant.
  • This can contribute to behavioral problems ... insecurity and emotional difficulties.
6 They spank their kids.
  • First graders who already had behavioral problems were even more disruptive if their parents spanked them.
  • Spanking has also been linked to mental health problems and cognitive difficulties.


My advice is that people should take a class on parenting before they have kids.  Better yet, I recommend that it be included as a segment of the high school curriculum ... part of a class called "Vital Life Skills". 

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