Ken Larsen's web site - NRA's tax exempt status should be revoked


The NRA (National Rifle Association) has both 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) components.

I assert that the NRA's tax exempt status should be revoked.   


They are an advertising arm of gun manufacturers, and their primary mission is to promote gun purchases.



They do non-stop lobbying to bully politicians who propose gun control legislation.  (Example: $ 3M 2016 TV ad against Hillary Clinton) It is not actually lobbying.  It's intimidation.  "If you don't support the NRA, we will destroy you!", and they do ... thanks to the brainwashing that they've done of the American voter.


They definitely are not promoting social welfare.  School shootings continue unabated:



They are promoting the proliferation of guns.  They even want teachers to be armed.  This is lunacy.


The mantra of the NRA is that a law established in 1791 is sancrosanct and should never be changed ... regardless of the technological changes which have transpired since 1791.  Back in 1791, the most powerful weapon was a musket.  You'd be lucky to fire one bullet per minute with such a weapon.  Today, an AR-15 can fire 10 bullets per second.  It is lunacy to ignore such technological change when evaluating whether laws should be changed or not.


It is also lunacy to preserve a law exclusively because it was ratified in 1791.  To do so would remove the right to vote by blacks and women.


For these reasons, I assert that the NRA's privilege to be treated as a non-profit should be revoked.


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