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Republicans bring shame on North Carolina


Republicans gained control of North Carolina in the election of 2012.  In 2013 they have succeeded in passing a large number of regressive measures which only benefit the wealthy and the Republican party.  They have set our state back 100 years.  Below is an enumeration of the harm that they have inflicted.




1 Gerrymandering In 2011 North Carolina Republicans gerrymandered the districts to give themselves a 9 to 4 congressional district edge ... which then permitted them to win supermajorities in both the NC House and Senate in the 2012 election ... which then permitted Republicans to steamroll legislation in 2013.  Had the 2011 redistricting been impartial, democrats would have enjoyed a 7 to 6 congressional district edge and none of the atrocities of 2013 would have occurred.  Conclusion:  Gerrymandering in 2011 is the root cause of our current problems. (details)
2 Flat rate tax The wealthy have been given a huge tax break.  Anyone making $ one million/year gets their taxes reduced by $ 10,000.
Sales taxes have been increased.  This adversely affects the poor.
3 Schools Public school spending has been sharply cut.
The Education Lottery no longer goes to schools.  It goes to the general fund.
A new voucher system permits people to opt out of public schools and get a $ 4000 credit for private school.  Vouchers are a bad idea, because they drain money from public schools.


Voter Suppression

Voters must provide photo ids beginning in 2016.  Student ids will not be recognized.  (details)
5 Unemployment benefits slashed North Carolina has voluntarily opted out of federal unemployment benefits.  (details)
6 Abortion New laws restrict women's access to abortion coverage and likely will close all but one abortion clinic.  (details)
7 Racial justice The 2009 Racial Justice Law has been repealed.  (details)
8 Guns Guns are now permitted in bars, on school property, on greenways, and on playgrounds.  (details)
9 Environmental decline North Carolina will likely become more welcome to fracking.  (details)
  " Landfills:  On August 23, 2013 Gov. Pat McCrory signed house bill 74 that will loosen environmental safeguards for landfills.  (details)  "The provisions would allow landfills to be built at the edges of state parks, wildlife refuges and gamelands and ease rules regarding how landfills must cover their trash and maintain systems that keep liquid coming from the landfill from leaching into nearby groundwater supplies."
  " Water pollution:  North Carolina Republicans are forcing the city of Durham to allow completion of an environmentally controversial project on its south side called 751 South.  (details This will adversely affect the water quality of Jordan Lake.
  " More water pollution:  Regulations designed to clean up Jordan Lake have been put on hold for three years.  (details)
10 Gay marriage banned In 2012 Republicans succeeded in driving voter adoption of "Amendment 1", which bans same-sex marriage.


List of bills signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory in 2013.

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