Ken Larsen's web site - How I use Movie Maker to excerpt individual speeches from a meeting video




1 Download the MP4 version of the BOCC meeting video to your computer.  This takes 10-15 minutes depending upon the length of the meeting.  It'll get stored in my computer in the C:\Downloads folder.
2 As the file is donwloaded, note its name.  It'll be something long like Orange-nc_bc6...
3 Copy the file to your desktop.
4 Rename the file to something short like "BOCC7.mp4".
5 Open Movie Maker.
6 Click on "Add videos and photos".
7 Open BOCC7,mp4
8 Move to start of all the public comment.
9 Click on Edit-> Set start point.
10 Click on File->Save movie->YouTube
11 Save on Desktop as BOCC7A.mp4
12 A popup on the screen will appear that says "Saving movie".  Nothing will appear to happen for about 10 minutes.  It's working, but the progress is slow, so it takes a while for it to even reach 1%.  The whole operation may take 45 minutes.
13 Return to step 9 to excerpt the first speech.
14 Click on Edit->Set end point.
15 Save speech as (for example)
16 Do this for each speech.





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