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Maria Palmer


There are two very compelling reasons why I should for Maria Palmer for Chapel Hill Town Council in 2017:

  1. I live on the top of a hill.

  2. I live on a street that gets very little traffic.


Maria is very pro-development.  We need to grow-grow-grow.  If the Town Council votes in lock step with Maria, then traffic and flooding woes will become far worse.  That will be bad news for most of Chapel Hill.  However, it will be good news for me, because my house will become highly coveted by buyers.  It likely will rise significantly in value.  I can cash in and move to a saner town.


Conclusion:  I should vote for Maria!


However, I care about all of Chapel Hill ... not just myself ... so I won't be voting for Maria.  You shouldn't either.


[Reasons why I won't be voting for Maria Palmer]


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