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Heat map (Urban hot spots)
Flood map  (zoom in on Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Building in flood zones exacerbates downstream flooding.  [details]

Upstream building has already caused flooding to go beyond the tipping point in some areas of Chapel Hill.  [examples]
Air quality

According to this map, the Triangle area has no air quality issues.  I question its validity for our region.

Traffic has already reached the intolerable point.  Here are two examples of rush hour traffic on I-40:  example 1 and example 2

Some local politicians advocate increased spending on public transportation to fix the traffic problems.  To me, that's not practical.  The Triangle area is extremely sprawled out, buses don't go to the places that I normally go, and taking a series of buses would significantly lengthen travel time. 
Crime  (This is a map of the U.S.)




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