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I often do things differently than other people.  One example is leaf collection.  During the fall, my neighbors will spend hours raking leaves to the curb that the town (Chapel Hill, NC) will pick up three times/season.   Some of these pilings will last for weeks ... blocking the streets and stormwater runoff.


I have a simpler solution.  I use my lawn mower with bag attachment to pick up and shred my leaves.  I then dump the contents into my yard waste bin and use a dirt tamper to compress the shreddings even further.  The town empties yard waste bins every week.  [Note:  If I lived on a corner lot, I likely would need two yard waste bins.]


My solution takes me less time, and my street remains clear year round ... unlike the streets in front of other houses.


My motto is "There's no virtue in doing things the hard way."


Dirt tamper


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