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A couple of my friends aspire to go to law school.  One of them (a lady named Merri) has taken the LSAT and scored a 165 (180 would be perfect).  Here's the advice she has for the best way to prepare for the LSAT:


Order books of LSAT practice tests that are available on Amazon for about $ 22 per book.  Each book has 10 actual LSAT tests with answers.  They go as far back as the year 1991. 


While taking the practice tests, take them at the same time of day and time yourself to match the actual tests (4 hours beginning at 9 AM with only a 15 minute break after the first 3 sections). Each section is 35 minutes long.


Merri also recommends the "Powerscore LSAT Bible Trilogy" (Reading Comprehension, Logic Games, and Logical Reasoning).  The set of three costs $ 190 on Amazon.


To apply to take an upcoming LSAT, use LSAC.  It's also the site that you can use to apply for a law school.


Merri took her LSAT at Peace College in Raleigh.  She liked that venue.



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