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(courtesy of UNC's Dr. Bhisham Chera) Here's a January 5, 2015 picture of my pre-treatment tonsil:  

It has squamous cell carcinoma. Everything is pink, so it's hard to tell what's the tumor and what isn't.  Dr. Chera said it's under the tissue on the right.  Dr. Weissler (ENT) said mine was palpable.  That and the C-T scan were the only ways he could tell there was a tumor there.  It's measurements were 1.8 x 2.2 cm according to the C-T neck.

I would really like to know exactly where the tumor is in this picture ... its outline.  I could then experiment with various color filtration parameters to see if there is any filtration setting that might highlight the tumor. 

Here's a dental/oral imaging tool that is available now:  I just found it [morning of Feb 4, 2015].  I excitely passed my find on to my dentist and her dentist father.  She responded that they had a Velscope rep visit her dental office last year after her dad had been diagnosed.  Unfortunately, it failed to discern the difference between cancerous and normal tissue in that clinical setting.  Bummer!  But, cheers to her and her dad for trying.

This picture is highly magnified.  The actual distance from the left edge of the picture to the right edge is only about two centimeters.

The bottom of the picture is towards the front of the oral cavity.  The top is to the rear.  The left side of picture is the right side of the oral cavity with the structure there being the left base of the tongue.  The right side of the picture is the left side of the oral cavity.


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