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CHALT is a large loosely knit group of political activists in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I support their goals, but I don't take direction from them, and I don't get paid by them.  In the 2019 Town election I served 16 hours as a poll greeter lobbying for the CHALT-endorsed candidates.


Here's a diagram which depicts the most significant relationship that I have with CHALT:



My website is not part of CHALT.  Only I control what is placed on it. 


CHALT has its own website,  It is maintained by their leaders.  Occasionally they will read pieces on my website and produce CHALT versions that may or may not be exact copies.  Anyone on this planet is free to do the same, because my website is open source.  No one can write to it, but anyone can copy from it.  I have no issue with that.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." -Oscar Wilde


In the above diagram, the "selective mining" is done by the CHALT people.  I occasionally point out pieces on my website that CHALT should consider, but whether they do or don't is their call. 


Around election time, CHALT endorses people that they regard as most aligned with their principals.  I make my own endorsements ... which are not always 100% in alignment with CHALT's.  I post my endorsements at the top of my home page. 



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